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FGIA’s webinar program has been going strong since 2015, offering information on topics of industry interest – typically at no cost and open to the public. Previous topics covered in 2020 included field testing, security glazing, Florida Product Approval Program changes and financial management in a COVID Economy. But did you know the FGIA live-tweets from every webinar that is made available to the public? You can follow along with coverage of each session on Twitter.

Using the hashtag #FGIAwebinar, FGIA Marketing writes live-tweet threads during each webinar. Those who missed the webinar can get the highlights online after the fact – or, those who listened in can use the threads as a refresher. Images and examples from each presentation are included to aid in learning as well.

Those in the industry will have not one, but two, opportunities to learn this month, whether by registering to participate in a webinar live or by watching a recording on FGIA’s site or on Vimeo.

  1. On January 12, attend TDI Requirements for Fenestration – New Code Update to learn about changes that have occurred in the Texas Department of Insurance windstorm program. 
  2. A week later, on January 19, learn about the enhanced analytical aspects of AAMA 2502-20 by registering for Performance Rating Method for Fenestration Systems and Comparative Analysis Procedure.

We’ll be live-tweeting both webinars, so be sure to check out FGIA’s Twitter feed. Search the hashtag #FGIAwebinar for previous coverage, too. Just FYI, you don’t need a Twitter account to access these threads! Although, if you are on Twitter, we would love it if you followed FGIA’s account. We tweet from our conferences from there too, with the hashtag #FGIAconf!

What topics would you like to see addressed by the FGIA webinar program? Let us know in the comments below!