Speakers for 2023 FGIA Annual Conference to Cover Commercial Glazing, Window Innovation, Glass Safety, More

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Final Schedule Announced for 2023 FGIA Annual Conference

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FGIA Releases Updated Field Testing Document for Evaluating Fenestration Product Water Intrusion

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Connect with FGIA During the 2023 Annual Conference


I am looking forward to being in California this month for the 2023 FGIA Annual Conference! One of my favorite FGIA events each year is the Awards Banquet, because it’s an opportunity for the Association to recognize its leadership for the hard work they do the previous year. Plus, from...

Interactive Experiences Add Value to In-person Participation at Annual Conference


FGIA is pleased to offer several engaging, interactive sessions during our next conference, taking place February 13-16. The 2023 FGIA Annual Conference will feature the rare opportunity to tour a seismic shake test site in California, where building resistance research has been conducted on a full-scale 10-story mass-timber building. Also...

Use the New FGIA Glossary as an Industry Resource


A perhaps underrated benefit FGIA offers is access to a robust glossary of terms used in the industry, a document that can be helpful to both those new to fenestration and glazing as well as more seasoned employees who may appreciate a refresher. Now, for the first time since AAMA...