Registration Now Open for the FGIA 2024 Summer Conference June 3-6

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Window Safety Week Observed April 7-13, 2024

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Register for the FGIA 2024 Leadership Development Program by April 30

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Learn About WOCDs in Advance of Window Safety Week Thanks to New Technical Bulletin


Last month, I wrote about the value of industry collaboration and how multiple industry associations can work together to achieve a common goal for their memberships. I am proud to announce an even more recent example of this, thanks to the shared commitment of FGIA and the Window and Door...

Extending the Reach of Window Safety from Plant Floors to Family Homes


The first full week of April each year is designated as Window Safety Week – a time to focus on simple tips to keep children safe around windows. This year, Window Safety Week will be observed April 7-13, so there’s plenty of time to consider how you’d like to help...

Share Tips About Window Safety Week 2024 on Social Media


Even though it has been a mild winter where I am in the Mid Ohio Valley, I am ready for warmer weather and the start of youth soccer season! With warmer weather comes this reminder to parents: Screens are meant to keep bugs out, not to keep kids in. This...