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The end of the year is a great time to prepare for the new one, whether that means getting together your editorial calendars or mapping out plans for how you hope to reach your next set of goals. It is also an ideal time to look back on what you did for the last 12 months to see what worked and what didn’t – and where you might choose to focus your energies. This can also mean deciding where it might make sense to spend less time. Here are some tips for reassessing your social media outreach from 2023 and ideas for determining where to redirect efforts in 2024.


Before I get into those tips, here are some observations I can make about FGIA’s own social media outreach:

  • While we have a large audience on Facebook, LinkedIn is still king when it comes to organic engagement with our members (and staff).
  • In fact, FGIA has been getting more likes and comments on LinkedIn lately than on our other platforms: Facebook, Instagram and “X”/Twitter.
  • Our top posts across platforms are photos of staff and members in more casual settings, like fun outings after a day of learning at the IG Workshop or our “FGIA Staff Spotlight” posts of individual staff members.
  • While FGIA uses “X” to live-tweet events like conference presentations and regional meetings, it is possible we may decide to gravitate toward Threads for these needs in the future. At this time, however, FGIA still has far more followers on X than on Threads, which is much newer.

These insights can help us guide and plan our content creation in 2024, letting me know that our posts are at their best when they are about the people in our Association.


Now, for some tips. I found a lot of good information for conducting a social media audit, but I feel this blog post from Social Pilot seems to have the best suggestions for the coming year. Read the full post for more details, but here is the gist:

  1. Define your goals.
  2. Learn about your target audience.
  3. Select your social media platforms wisely.
  4. Use storytelling in posts.
  5. Humanize your brand.
  6. Optimize your post frequency.
  7. Share quality visual content.
  8. Keep tabs on your social media analytics.

Need advice for carrying out a 2024 plan? Feel free to reach out to me with questions!