Buy Five, Get One Free | Group Discounts Available for FenestrationMasters

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FGIA Releases New Technical Information Report Establishing Criteria for Window Gauge Device Locations

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November 16 Webinar to Offer Glass Cutting, Washing Demonstration, Q&A

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Why Certify Through FGIA?


One question my team often gets is a big one: What are the benefits of certifying through FGIA’s AAMA Certification Program? Why take the time to go through that process for my products? The answer is simple: Having your products certified to AAMA specifications sets you apart from the competition....

Three Tips to Help You Plan Your Company’s Holiday Message Now


As we continue to navigate our lives during the pandemic, our work lives continue to be disrupted in ways big and small. Are you and your co-workers back in the office now, or has your company decided to wait until 2022? Maybe your company has chosen to bring in only...

Back in Person at the FGIA Hybrid Fall Conference


The 2021 FGIA Hybrid Fall Conference was a great success last week, merging an in-person audience with an online one for a widely attended event full of excellent speakers and presentations. From Janine Driver’s insight into body language and workplace culture to a live demonstration of InstallationMasters®, there was plenty...