Participants at FGIA Summer Conference Learn Latest on Embodied Carbon Legislation, Regulation

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Structural Engineer Reviews Case Studies Showing Façade Systems Selection for Iconic Building Architecture

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What to Expect from FGIA’s New Summer Conference Format Starting in 2025


As part of FGIA’s objective focused on delivering purposeful and valued events, the Summer Conference will be transitioned into a fully virtual event beginning in 2025, allowing for a focus on two in-person conferences each year: the FGIA Annual Conference and the FGIA Fall Conference. This announcement was initially communicated...

Lost in Translation | Social Media and Other Languages


A funny thing happened on the drive to the FGIA Summer Conference. I was in a car heading from the airport to the beautiful Le Westin Montreal, our host hotel for the event. The driver of the car spoke only French, and I speak only English. I knew we were...

What is Going on Over at Threads?


It has been a little over 10 months since the release of Threads, Meta’s answer to “X” (formerly Twitter). I thought it might be a good time to check in with how things are going at the text-based app, intended to become the premiere “X” replacement. The company seems to...