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FenestrationMasters® courses can be purchased by group or by annual subscription through AAMA's Online Publication Store.

FenestrationMaster® candidates are required to complete in-depth courses for Groups 1-6 and FenestrationAssociate® candidates must complete overview courses for Groups 1-5.

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Group 1

  • Window Selection
  • Glass Selection
  • Requirements of NAFS-17 Standard (and variances from earlier editions) 
  • Specialty Tests (blast, impact, tornado, acoustics)
  • Selection and Application Guide for Plastic Glazed Skylights and Sloped Glazing (PSSG-19)

Group 2

  • Profile Performance and Material Considerations
  • Coatings and Finishes

Group 3

  • Hardware, Weatherstrip and Weatherseals
  • Sealants and Adhesives Used during Factory Fabrication

Group 4

  • Code Requirements
    • History of the I-Codes & Current Requirements
    • AAMA Certification and I-Code Compliance
    • Special Code Requirements: ADA, WOCD, fire safety, safety glazing
  • Energy Efficiency and Thermal Performance
    • ICC energy code requirements and Energy Star requirements
    • Thermal Performance Certification versus Testing
  • Skylights for Daylighting

Group 5

  • Installation
    • Commercial Installation Standard Practice
    • Residential Installation
    • Flashing
  • Field Testing and Forensic Evaluation
  • Fenestration Anchorage

Group 6 (FenestrationMaster Only – does not apply to FenestrationAssociate)

  • Aluminum Curtain Wall Design 
  • Aluminum Storefronts and Entrances
  • Energy and the Architectural Fenestration Industry