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Course Curriculum

To attain the FenestrationMasters® professional certification, both the curriculum and certification exam must be successfully completed. The online education format allows professionals to complete the coursework and exam at their convenience, simply through access to any computer with an internet connection. Courses cover a wide range of subject matters including performance standards, product and material types and code requirements. The complete course groupings lists all of the topics that are offered.

Course Completion Requirements

All FenestrationAssociate® and FenestrationMaster® candidates must complete the online courses in the prescribed order. Group 1 is considered core course content; therefore, the courses in Group 1 are the same for both the FenestrationAssociate and FenestrationMaster. FenestrationAssociate candidates must then complete overview courses in Groups 2 through 5. FenestrationMaster candidates must complete more advanced courses in Groups 2 through 6.

Certification Requirements

Certification candidates must complete all applicable coursework and take the exam within 12 months of enrollment. In addition to completing each lesson’s post-assessment, each lesson needs to be played in its entirety for that lesson to show as complete. Upon completion of coursework, candidates will be able to schedule their online proctored certification exam through the FGIA Learning Center. Learn more about the exam process here. Each credential level has its own certification exam.

Those who successfully pass the exam will receive materials reflecting the level of certification achieved (either FenestrationAssociate or FenestrationMaster), including authorization to utilize letter designations (FMPC® for FenestrationMaster Professional Certification and FAPC® for FenestrationAssociate Professional Certification). The certification for each credential is valid for four years, and candidates must meet requirements to become re-certified.

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