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Anyone interested in the fenestration industry may take courses through the FenestrationMasters® training program. If you are seeking professional certification, you will need to meet the following criteria upon completion of coursework. There are two different credentials available. FenestrationMaster® candidates are expected to complete in-depth coursework, while FenestrationAssociate® candidates must complete subject matters covered in overview courses. To achieve either level of certification, successful completion of  the exam is required.

FenestrationMaster (advanced-level certification)

Any one of the following will fulfill the prerequisite requirement:

  • 4 years fenestration product-related experience and either a Professional Engineering license or 4-year degree in engineering, architecture or applied sciences
  • 5 years fenestration product-related experience and one year as a credentialed FenestrationAssociate
  • 6 years fenestration product-related experience

These qualifications must be met by the time the exam is completed (within 12 months of when the subscription is purchased).

FenestrationAssociate (entry-level certification)

  • No minimum education or experience is required to be eligible for this level

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