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Upon successful completion of the FenestrationAssociate® or FenestrationMaster® (advanced-level) coursework, candidates must complete the exam to achieve either level of certification.

Exam Process

Online proctored certification exams may be scheduled through the FGIA Learning Center. Learn more about the exam process. Each credential level has its own certification exam.

Failed Exams

If a minimum passing score of 70 is not achieved on the initial exam attempt, up to two additional attempts are permitted no more than 90 days from the initial attempt. 

If needed, a three-month course subscription extension may be purchased to aid in studying for the additional exam attempts. After three failed attempts, a new 12-month subscription and exam must be purchased. The full coursework must be completed again before another exam may be scheduled.

Exam Pricing

View the pricing for FenestrationMaster and FenestrationAssociate subscription and exam purchase options.

Note: Exams may not be purchased separately unless the candidate has an active course subscription.

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