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By now, we all know that Instagram is the go-to platform on which to show off our most beautiful, square-shaped images. Still, the photo-centric app has moved more and more into the video realm. And thanks to the start of Instagram Stories, which rolled out a little over a year ago, your company doesn’t really need a Snapchat account if you don’t want one. Instagram Stories lets users take short video clips of what they’re seeing and add the fun filters and stickers Snapchat became known for. Layer your videos (and photos) with text and emojis and share them with your followers – but remember, just like with Snapchat, they only last for 24 hours.

Admittedly, the blink-and-you-miss-it element is the one I still struggle with. I like that our Instagram account shows a backlog of AAMA’s three annual conferences as well as what’s happening week to week at our Illinois headquarters. It serves as a record for later reference. The videos we posted on Instagram Stories from the Fall Conference are gone, but at least a couple are still saved on my phone. I’m glad both Instagram and Snapchat at least give the option to download your individual stories.

That said, event coverage can be done in an interesting way with Stories. Give followers snapshots of what’s happening at your event – during the Fall Conference, I got a short video of Julie Ruth accepting an award from AAMA President and CEO Rich Walker, and a line or two from a speech she gave. Our dedicated volunteers were captured completing the World Vision backpack build. AAMA also thanked our event sponsors and tagged their Instagram accounts so that they were notified that we’d mentioned them. You can do things like these to increase engagement with your followers, and with accounts you might want to follow you back.

Sparkloft Media recently shared some great best practices for creating Instagram Stories, including opting for quality over quantity, using a good mix of both video clips as well as photos, keeping your brand’s voice in mind and using relevant hashtags to help potential followers find you via your Story. Read their post for more ideas.

Generate a sense of FOMO with video by showing followers what they’re missing out on at your event. Maybe they’ll want to be part of the Story next time.