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A lot of news has come out recently in the social media world! Things are always changing, but it’s not a bad idea to keep up with what’s new, especially if changes could mean good things for you or your business. Here’s a quick social media news roundup of some items that could benefit you, either now or down the road once changes are made mainstream.

Twitter testing out 280-character tweets: This new feature has already been added to select accounts, but it’s widely believed that soon we’ll all have twice the space to tweet. The current limit is 140 characters, and has been since Twitter began more than 10 years ago.

LinkedIn experimenting with Snapchat-style geofilters: These could be great for events and conferences -- I know I’d love to set one up at a 2018 AAMA conference. With this tool, users could open the LinkedIn app and add a location-based filter or illustration over photos and videos, specific to that event. These filters are a great custom way to encourage those attending your events to create social media posts in and about it.

Instagram Stories including polls: Did you know that you can now add polls to your Instagram Stories? Some new stickers recently launched allow you to include a two-option poll (“Yes” or “No;” “Left” or Right;” etc.) to their Instagram stories. Anyone who views a story can vote, and results show up live, in real time. Be careful, though -- just like regular stories, the poll disappears after 24 hours.

There’s your social media news roundup of what’s new for each of your favorite platforms. Test out the new Instagram poll option today, and hopefully those other new features will become widely available soon.