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GlassBuild is next week! If you are thinking about how to promote your company’s presence at the popular tradeshow, I have some ideas for how you can do so on social media before, during and after the fact. Use the next few days to plan ahead, schedule some content and pack everything you need before you leave town for Las Vegas. And don’t forget to make sure your phone is logged into your company’s social media accounts in advance, so you don’t have to scramble for passwords!

Before GlassBuild

  • Do you plan on debuting a new product at GlassBuild? If so, build buzz now with a teaser campaign! Post hints that you will be making a big announcement during the show in the days leading up to it. Learn more about product teaser campaigns with this helpful post.
  • Know your booth number and include it in all your posts leading up to the show, along with the event hashtag #GlassBuild.

During GlassBuild

  • Once you have the lay of the land, you can keep sharing your booth number along with a description of any helpful landmarks near your company’s spot. Keep using that event hashtag, too!
  • If your budget allows, offer a live booth giveaway, bridging the gap between online and in person engagement. You could give away company SWAG, a gift card to a Las Vegas restaurant or anything that will get booth visitors excited.
  • This is your chance to get a ton of photos! Post some now and save some for later. If possible, get some short, engaging video whether that means having a spokesperson for your company go Live on Facebook or simply showing off the products in your booth.

After GlassBuild

  • Follow up with those contacts you made at the show by thanking them on social media. Tag them and/or their company to say you appreciated them stopping by.
  • Share the great photos you took but haven’t posted yet and tag those involved.

No matter when you tweet, be sure to bring personality to your company’s posts. This will help you stick out from the crowd and keep your company at the top of peoples’ minds!

Be sure to visit our team and feel free to take a selfie. Stop by the Industry Pavilion (booth 1172).