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Is your company looking for training opportunities for your team? Because of the importance of having well trained, currently informed personnel throughout the industry, FGIA has committed to updating and overhauling two of its education offerings. Both FGIA’s Fundamentals of Fenestration and Preventing IG Failures education programs will be overhauled in 2022. FGIA Education will ensure the inclusion of up-to-date content, streamlined delivery and improved user experiences, thanks to more interactive images and videos. FGIA will be working in conjunction with applicable task group members to update content and to finalize delivery strategies. Along those lines, FGIA members with an interest in these projects are encouraged to join the FGIA Online Education Committee for general program updates and/or the IG Fabricator Workshop/Preventing IG Failures Task Group (IGMA TM-4100) for content review and development strategies specific to this group now. Get involved with these groups making these updates now to have a role in shaping the future of these programs.

In recent years, FGIA has been diligently focused on updating our professional certification programs, InstallationMasters® and FenestrationMasters®, to meet industry needs and support FGIA’s strategic focus on education, as relayed by the Board of Directors. Now that those updates have been completed, we are turning our attention to the non-certification education programs to ensure that we are always offering the most current information to our members.

A new program outline for Fundamentals of Fenestration is scheduled for later this month, and a draft for Preventing IG Failures is expected to be ready around May. Past program participants will be surveyed for feedback regarding content to include in each updated program. If you are interested in helping to support FGIA’s education initiatives for the programs that do not result in a professional certification, request to join the Online Education Committee today. When programs are up for review, those involved can anticipate at least one or two 60-minute conference calls to review and discuss the proposed staff strategies.

The Online Education Committee is open to all FGIA members. Get involved today!