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For several years, IGMA has sponsored a program for Insulating Glass (IG) manufacturers to increase the quality of IG units in the field. FGIA will continue to provide this educational program which includes presentations on the following:

  • Insulating Glass Unit Design
  • Glass Receiving, Cutting and Washing
  • Rigid Spacers, Muntins and Grids, and Flexible Spacer Systems
  • Desiccants and Desiccated Matrix
  • Sealants
  • Gas Filling
  • Glass and Breakage
  • Product Certification
  • Glass Performance for Energy Efficient Fenestration
  • Glazing Guidelines for Commercial and Residential IGUs
  • Handling Glass Safely
  • Forensic Investigations of IGU Failures

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Complimentary Videos

The following videos are available for free to preview this educational program.

Program Introduction, Evaluation and Overview

This presentation gives a broad overview of the Preventing IG Failures Program, discussing the various items that will be presented in the full program.

Product Certification to the ASTM E 2190 Standard

This presentation discusses product certification to the ASTM E 2190 and strategies for achieving certification, as well as a look at the certification process and development.

Handling Glass Safely

This presentation discusses glass safety, illustrating the use of personal protection equipment and how injuries in the workplace could have been avoided.