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If you would like information about recertification, please visit the Installer Recertification web page

The InstallationMasters® Training and Certification Program is an important and exciting tool being offered to installers of windows and doors all across the country. The program is specifically designed to help installers:

  • Avoid costly callbacks
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Work more efficiently, optimizing both time and money
  • Maximize product benefits for happier, more satisfied customers 

There are currently three separate segments of the InstallationMasters program available - New Construction, Replacement and Combined Programs. All of these address water management, installation materials and components, installation practices for various fenestration frame styles and shapes, job site safety, product performance and operator types, and more through classroom training.

Completion of the program and successful passing of the test allows participants to earn the InstallationMasters Identification Card, which shows they are officially certified through the InstallationMasters Program.

To obtain additional information regarding the InstallationMasters program, please contact