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It seems impossible, but we are about to close the books on 2021. End of year is always a good time to reassess goals and strategies whether that means personally or professionally, and it’s important to take stock of what worked – and what didn’t – in order to make plans for the coming year. Below are my three New Year’s resolutions for FGIA’s social media channels for 2022, which include planning ahead, growing FGIA’s network and making good use of the tools I currently have.

  1. Plan ahead. At FGIA, we have an editorial calendar for tracking industry events and holidays. I’ll be checking it and updating it for 2022 so I can give myself a heads up about things like Manufacturing Day (the first Friday in October each year) and Window Safety Week (the first full week of April). If you know you’ll be out of office for vacations or holidays, schedule posts in advance when possible. We use Hootsuite, a paid service in which I see a lot of value.

  2. Extend your network. When FGIA officially began in 2020, we started all new social media accounts for the Association. I would like to see increased followers across our platforms in 2022. That is why I am committing to connecting with, or promoting the posts of, at least one different contact each week. That might be an industry media outlet, a new FGIA member or an industry organization partner. My hope is that by lifting up others and amplifying their content, FGIA might get more followers from those in the industry who see the value our channels can provide.

  3. Use what you have. Take inventory of the elements you have at your disposal for your social media posts, whether it’s infographics or maybe some footage from a previous event your company participated in. Using items you already have can save you time and give new life to media that is no longer timely. For example, I will be compiling Zoom screenshots and photos from our events in 2021 to create FGIA’s holiday greeting. Watch for that message in your email soon!

What do you plan to do differently, or improve upon, in 2022? Comment below with your own social media New Year’s resolutions!