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Here on the Member Edge blog, AAMA Technical Standards Coordinator Julia Carlucci has talked about why balloting matters. On Trade Secrets, AAMA Executive Director Janice Yglesias recently wrote about the importance of diversity of voices from different companies in ballot responses. But maybe some folks are curious about how standards themselves are developed?

Over time, AAMA has become known for the development of comprehensive standards that provide third-party validation of product performance and quality. We continue to develop specifications, test methods and technical information reports. To promote and ensure the highest standards, we are involved in a multitude of activities that monitor the products and processes in our industry.

AAMA standards are developed in response to the needs of our member companies to solve critical issues in the industry. When a member finds an industry topic that is not covered appropriately, they can bring it to a council or product group as a topic for review. This could also include expanding or updating an existing AAMA document. That approving group can then establish a task group to develop a document. This makes certain that topics addressed are not single member concerns but have support by a larger group. It takes the interest, energy and experience of our members to help support the development of these standards. It is effective collaboration and communication that make us strong.

AAMA membership is made up of large and small companies, including window, door, and skylight manufacturers, component and supply manufacturers, laboratories and service and consulting companies. To ensure true member equity, AAMA adheres to the "one company, one vote" policy. All members participate in appropriate voting measures and maintain a fair and equitable position within the association. This holds true in our balloting process for standards development as well. A dedication to industry consensus is what makes AAMA the leader in fenestration documents and standards.

Again, this is why participation is so crucial. If you have any open ballots, please respond to them in a timely manner in order to make your voice heard in the industry. Visit for more information about current AAMA document ballots.