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Has your company been creating content on Instagram Stories? They are easier than ever to put together, complete with music, links to products and other creative additions to easy-to-shoot smartphone video. I took a look at what some FGIA members have recently put out on Instagram Stories to share what interesting, engaging content is already out there – and how your company can take inspiration from these social media superheroes. Let’s take a look.


This Story shows a unique application of the company’s product. It’s nice to see something unexpected like how daylighting can improve even an indoor climbing experience!

Akzo Nobel

This coatings expert company customized their Story to match their branding and further that company awareness with its customers. They also included a link users can click on to get more information via the company’s website.


This window and door manufacturer knows users want to interact with online content. Plus, they get the benefit of a small, informal glance at customer preference. Stories are a great way to get feedback solely on the backend, with no public comments to have to screen.

C.R. Laurence

This wholesale distributor took a product beauty shot they likely already had on file and gave it new life on Stories. And, like some of the others, they included a product link to drive website traffic. Take a look at your own inventory to see what can be repurposed.

MI Windows and Doors

This supplier also shared a product shot but made it specific to customers by talking about the benefits of daylighting and natural light in the home. Play up your own products’ perks with “news” your customers can use.

Tell me how your company is crushing it over on Instagram or other social media platforms in the comments!