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When I started at AAMA, I had to learn a lot about the industry quickly – I needed to do this in order to effectively communicate to members, to industry media and to others at AAMA about what they needed to know most. I am still learning, and will continue to do so, but with each year at the association, I can feel my understanding of fenestration solidify more and more. As this grasp gets stronger, the value I can contribute to AAMA’s social media presence grows, too. The way AAMA uses social media has changed over time, and I am proud of the platforms Marketing has helped grow.

One big example of an AAMA platform that has changed and improved over time is our Twitter account. I’ve written before about the ways Twitter can help a business communicate better, but here are five of the most common, and fulfilling, ways AAMA uses Twitter. Hopefully, these can serve as inspiration for your own social media promotion.

  1. Live tweeting: As was done at the recent AAMA Fall Conference, AAMA uses Twitter to live tweet in-person events for those who can’t attend – as well as those who DID attend, but may wish to have a refresher on information after the fact. We also live tweet AAMA’s webinars, or at least the ones that are open to the public. Check out the hashtags #AAMAconf and #AAMAwebinar for more details on those events, respectively.
  2. Sharing member news: A big component of AAMA’s Twitter account is sharing the great things our members are doing, whether it’s earning a FenestrationMasters® Certified Professional, building homes with Habitat for Humanity or showing off their latest products at GlassBuild. To make sure we see your good news, be sure to tag AAMA or DM us.
  3. Making AAMA announcements: AAMA’s Twitter account was of particular interest this summer when the announcement of AAMA and IGMA coming together to form FGIA happened. More recently, we were able to share the good news about AAMA Certification Manager Jason Seals being presented with the NFRC’s Member of the Year Award. Finally, it’s also great that a good variety of AAMA staff in different roles use Twitter because it makes it easy for the AAMA account to cross-promote news they find, and to share their valuable observations about the industry. Follow @Janice_Yglesias, @AngelaDDickson, @Saffell_Steven and @KathyKrafka for a wide breadth of industry updates.
  4. Promoting content: AAMA often uses our Twitter account to promote blog posts and news articles written in-house. We share press releases announcing document updates, upcoming events and more. AAMA also uses Twitter to curate industry news publications’ content, sharing what is relevant to our followers.
  5. Customer service: This one comes up a little less frequently for AAMA on social media, but I recently assisted a homeowner in finding the manufacturer of her home’s windows. The company that made them had been sold, and a quick message from me to Jason Seals, who knows the ins and outs of many company mergers and acquisitions, resulted in the name of the company that purchased her window’s manufacturer. The customer was thrilled to have the mystery solved by those in the know.

Be sure to follow AAMA on Twitter @AAMAinfo if you don’t already! We are getting closer and closer to 2,000 total followers.