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The FGIA Virtual Annual Conference featured several experts sharing important information, including economic recovery, plant safety, fenestration installation and design trends. Also during the conference, FGIA recognized the contributions and achievements of its members and congratulated award winners at the Virtual Annual Awards Ceremony. Key points from conference speakers are highlighted below.

“We are predicting manufacturing recovery levels in 2021 to be better than 2019, and staying there. We've been coming out of this recession at a pretty rapid clip, unlike in 2008.”

-Dr. Chris Kuehl, economist with Armada Corporate Intelligence, on the ongoing economic recover post-COVID.

“We as management control a lot of factors that couple with behaviors, which we can allow or influence. A lot of responsibility for the incident rests on our shoulders.”

-Mike Troutman, Vice President of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Excellence for MI Windows and Doors, reviewing the importance of proper accident investigation protocol.

“Design loads and effects to be considered [within CSA A440.6:20] include wind loads, driving rain wind pressure, guard loads, seismic loads and both dynamic and static building movements.”

-Robert Jutras, Principal Engineer at UL, reviewing the new CSA standard for high exposure fenestration installation.

“Circular design suggests when you create a product, you don't just look at implementation. You look at end of life as well.”

-John Peterson, Director of Sustainable Design and Building Innovation for MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects (MJMA), discussing ways to reduce one’s carbon in a new or renovated building by understanding the durability and effect of a product.