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Everyone in our industry knows that window safety is important year-round. But what can you do to promote safety from a company standpoint? There are many tools and resources available to you and your company to educate your customers about what it means to practice window safety.

Window Safety Week, held annually during the first full week in April, is designed to heighten the awareness of what parents and caregivers should do to help keep their family and visitors safer from the risks of window falls or injuries in their home and how they can use their windows for emergency escape and rescue purposes.

This year, Window Safety Week will be observed April 1-7. This is a great opportunity to get crucial information out to your customers. Download the 2018 Window Safety Week Tool Kit to get started.

Developed by the Window Safety Task Force, this kit contains materials to promote window safety awareness in your own company, as well as with your customers. You don’t have to stop there – this information is geared to share with family, friends, community, club or service organizations or the media as well. You’ll find helpful tools and tips for use not only during Window Safety Week but all year.

Kit elements include:

  • Why Window Safety Week is so important
  • What companies can do to help promote window safety
  • Tips to share with employees and customers regarding window safety
  • Article for your company newsletter or announcement
  • Email for company employees
  • Sample letter-to-the-editor
  • Social media information and sample posts for companies
  • And more!

Though Window Safety Week is an important annual reminder, window safety education should be ongoing, occurring throughout the year. To help teach children about window safety, an activity book is available from the task force, as well as additional information for parents and caregivers.

Download the company kit today to help spread the word about Window Safety Week. Or visit AAMA’s Window Safety page for more information.