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A perhaps underrated benefit FGIA offers is access to a robust glossary of terms used in the industry, a document that can be helpful to both those new to fenestration and glazing as well as more seasoned employees who may appreciate a refresher. Now, for the first time since AAMA and IGMA unified, the official FGIA Glossary is available as a free download in the FGIA Online Store.

This document is an all-encompassing guide meant to be used from this point forward when referencing definitions in all FGIA documents. Years ago, while reading through various then-AAMA documents, it was found that the Association had multiple definitions in our documents for one word. (A good example of this would be the word "fenestration.”) Although the definitions weren't strikingly different, we wanted to ensure consistency throughout our documents. The definitions were compiled by researching all current documents and extracting the definitions. That said, the FGIA glossary will have multiple definitions included if there are different ones culled from different sources.

This newly revised FGIA glossary offers terms in alphabetical order, providing an FGIA-specific definition for each while also citing locations for these terms. Locations include not only FGIA’s own standards, but also places like the NFRC glossary, ASTM documents and more. Plus, this 2023 version now includes not just fenestration terms but glazing as well, as it is a merging of historical AAMA and IGMA glossaries. Those referencing the glossary should know that as part of updating NAFS, all definitions are being removed from NAFS with a reference to the FGIA Glossary. In order to not have a difference between the English and French versions of NAFS, terms that have been defined in NAFS will be included in both languages with a reference to the FGIA Glossary.

Download the new glossary as a free download in the FGIA Online Store today.