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Everyone in the industry knows that a product is only as good as its installation. That is why FGIA is committed to training installers on the proper techniques and skills required for a weathertight install. InstallationMasters® (IM) is a nationwide training and certification program for installers of new construction and replacement windows and exterior doors in residential and light commercial applications.

Completion of the IM training program and successfully passing the exam allows qualified participants to earn either the Certified Installer or Certified Professional credential. Since its inception, the program has helped installers understand the concepts required to properly integrate a fenestration product with the surrounding conditions and is a crucial tool for those in the industry. But don’t just take my word for it – read on for testimonials from some of our IM accredited instructors who teach the program.

“National Vinyl LLC has been offering the IM Combined Training and Certification Program since 2006. It has been an important part of our efforts to get architects, inspectors, installers, and the manufacturer on the same page for the proper installation of a window and door. All individuals from one year to many years of experience have gleaned from attending this class.”

-Les O'Dell, National Vinyl LLC

“We had multiple reasons for deciding to invest the time for me to become an Accredited Instructor. As a supplier for premium windows and doors, we wanted our installation subcontractors to have an opportunity to get trained, and our market did not have any other trainers nearby. We also wanted to have the credentials to stand behind for liability reasons. Having been in the window and door business for 20 years, we know that people like to point fingers at someone else when something goes wrong. It helps to be properly educated to be able to defend installation decisions when there are questions related to how something was installed. Finally, our company brand is based on expertise. We want to make sure we are the people to turn to for expertise in our market.”

-Ann Lucas, American All Door & Window, Inc.

“When the opportunity was presented to me, I was interested in learning more about the installation side of the business to better serve my dealers and customers. The confidence and knowledge I gained from this course has given me the tools to be more versatile as a Milgard Territory Rep. I know more now about the scope of the entire window and door journey customers go through, from product selection to perfect installation. This program walked me through the various ways to effectively install windows and doors no matter the region of the country I may be working in. This experience provided me with the knowledge to share why a product is only as good as the Install and there is no room for shortcuts. This course was a success for me due to the passion of our instructor, Aaron Blom. His attention to detail and instructional ability gave our class the confidence we needed to pass the class and really ensured we grasped the information.”

-Ronald Connel, Milgard

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