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2020 has been an unconventional year, and that was the case for FGIA Education as well. While some of our offerings were already remote-friendly, a lot of work went into pivoting those that weren’t to an online platform. From creating virtual InstallationMasters® classes and planning a future video series version of the popular IG Fabricators workshop, FGIA’s Education team has been working round the clock to deliver the valuable professional development that our members have come to appreciate and expect. Here is a rundown of what changed in 2020 as we all learned to adapt.


We’ve all been at home more than ever before! The pandemic has made homeowners more interested in home improvement and the benefits of daylighting and fresh air, which can both be met with properly installed windows and doors. FGIA is now offering a virtual option to qualified, currently accredited InstallationMasters instructors so they can train installers to be ready when homeowners begin to seek fenestration-related improvements.

This interim virtual training option is only available for a limited time, and the expiration for virtual classes will be communicated as the situation with the pandemic continues to develop.

IG Fabricators Workshop

Since its launch in 2016, this popular training event has hosted more than 300 industry professionals, leading them through the most important aspects of fabricating and testing IG units. Because it is such a hands-on, participatory event where individuals must be in close proximity to get the full experience, it was not feasible to host in 2020.

However, FGIA is committed to bringing it back as an in-person training opportunity in 2021. An FGIA task group had previously explored extending the reach of this event by addressing the topics covered in the annual workshop through a new online video series, which is targeted to be available on an on-going basis beginning in mid-2021.


The FGIA Education team further demonstrated its industry commitment by launching FenestrationMasters 2.0 in its entirety this fall, which includes updated content reflecting current technical documents and standards as well as code requirements in a redesigned, more interactive platform.

Industry veteran, Joe Dressler, shared that “In these uncertain times, we need to invest in maintaining our professional network and education. This broad-based program is a good investment in yourself!"


Even during the pandemic, FGIA remained committed to furthering industry knowledge and expertise. In order to allow those in the industry to make use of unexpected downtime, significant discounts were announced in June to address member needs. These were then extended through September in recognition of FGIA’s participation in education offerings as part of GlassBuild Connect.

FGIA is always open to hearing how we can better serve members. Please feel free to comment below with additional feedback!