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I have been enjoying a late summer here in Wisconsin, spending time outdoors with my grandkids. But, late summer brings with it a reminder: as colder weather begins to come this fall, it is the perfect time to look at weathering of the home. Luckily, FGIA has updated a document establishing minimum performance requirements for pile weatherstrips and replaceable weatherseals.

AAMA 701/702-23, Performance Specification for Pile Weatherstrips (AAMA 701) and Polymer Weatherseals (AAMA 702), an FGIA document, provides details on test methods, equipment, specimen sampling techniques, minimum performance levels, criteria for waivers and a report format. It was last updated in 2011.

AAMA 701/702 is used for laboratory verification of weatherstrip and weatherseal products as a requirement for meeting minimum levels of performance for the sealing of fenestration products, establishing recognized criteria of quality and performance for pile weatherstrips. This information is of use to manufacturers, distributors, users and laboratories. Manufacturers and distributors in particular should remember to talk with customers about the importance of ensuring products are maintaining energy efficiency during colder months – this document can help.

AAMA 701/702-23 is now available for purchase in the FGIA Online Store!