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Known for its energy efficiency and versatility, vinyl provides durable, sustainable solutions for homes and businesses. In fact, 67% of residential windows today are made from vinyl. Plus, with its natural rot-resistance and low maintenance, and long life cycle, vinyl is a popular choice for new construction, remodeling and replacement needs. Learn more about energy-efficient, sustainable vinyl by reviewing the information below.

Sustainable Vinyl: One material, virtually endless possibilities
This white paper, created by the Vinyl Material Council, dispels myths and confirms truths about vinyl as a sustainable material. The paper also discusses several merits of vinyl in fenestration as well as in other applications—from safety and longevity, to its recyclable nature and reliable historical performance.

Avoiding the Landfill: The Recycling of Vinyl Windows and Doors
Following in the footsteps of the industry’s best practice of recycling nearly 100% of the industrial waste created in the production of vinyl (PVC – polyvinyl chloride) windows and doors, the North American industry has entered into a new phase in its commitment to environmental sustainability through recycling, via the post-consumer recycling efforts of the Vinyl Material Council.

A Clear View: Vinyl Windows and the Environment
This brochure was developed by the Vinyl Institute and the Vinyl Material Council, to inform consumers about the attributes of vinyl windows and their relationship to environmental performance.

Industry News and Information

UK a star performer in PVC recycling
More than a quarter of a million tonnes of post-consumer PVC-U were recycled in Europe last year through Recovinyl, the PVC industry’s recycling initiative – comfortably exceeding its 240,000 tonnes target by the end of 2010. Read the full article on

Straight Talk: vinyl building materials and the environment
All buildings have environmental impacts involving use of land, energy, water and materials. Architects, designers, builders and contractors concerned about minimizing such impacts are looking more for “sustainable” building practices.

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Fire Performance Facts
Recycling Facts
Worker Safety Facts

Vinyl Recycling Directory
This tool allows you to search for a particular vinyl recycling company that meets your processing needs, as well as distinguish criteria that may be important to you, such as the type of scrap it accepts and the form in which it accepts it.