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Part of our lives and active lifestyles

Fiberglass has been a part of our homes, businesses and leisure lives for decades. It can withstand the demands of commercial fenestration applications like windows and doors in multi-family housing from apartments and college dorm rooms to heavy commercial building curtain walls, to retail shops and offices, to the residential construction demands of today’s busy homeowners. Whether you’re climbing a ladder or swinging a hammer, you’ll find fiberglass growing in popularity in a variety of applications. Today, even bridges are made from fiberglass components, drawing on its strength, durability and reliability. Learn how fiberglass is produced using what is called the pultrusion process.

Fiberglass: sleek and strong

Known for combining the unique properties of sleek, strong profiles, fiberglass provides practical solutions for today’s demanding world and active lifestyles. For example, fiberglass boats help keep you afloat as you speed across the water, and stylish fiberglass Corvette® automobiles help you cruise the land in style.

In fenestration, the strength of fiberglass allows you to create larger-sized windows and doors, letting in more natural daylight, without bulky frames obscuring your view. In addition to it's strength, fiberglass is also a green and sustainable material option.

Fiberglass used in fenestration materials is encased in resin. So it is smooth to the touch and designed to last. Read information regarding protective coatings and corrosion resistance.

Known for its durability

When you choose fiberglass building materials like fiberglass windows and doors, you’re choosing products that have had their designs tested to provide decades of performance, thanks to the long life cycle of fiberglass. 

Fiberglass fenestration materials are able to withstand the dents and dings of occupants in multi-family housing, retail businesses, heavy commercial applications, single family homes and other building needs.

About the Council

The Council acts as an information provider and promoter of fiberglass in the fenestration and related building products industry. Providing technical, regulatory, legislative, marketing and certification support to ensure that the appropriate standards are established, maintained and communicated for the benefit of the users and suppliers of fiberglass pultrusions and products.

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