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About the Council

To act as an information provider and promoter of aluminum in the fenestration and related building products industry. It shall also act as a provider of technical, regulatory, legislative, marketing and certification support to ensure that the appropriate standards are established, maintained and communicated for the benefit of the end users and suppliers of aluminum products.

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Aluminum's versatility has long made it a preferred material in many construction projects. Combined with the fact that it is available in numerous shapes and a spectrum of colors, its structural attributes allow aluminum to be used in nearly every application - from solar optimization in products like sun shades, light shelves and skylights to adding comfort in the most elite homes in the form of folding walls and sunrooms.

When utilized in the architectural design elements found in stadiums and the world’s largest buildings, confidence in a fenestration’s material choice is a mandate, which is why aluminum has been used in these types of structures for decades, but its ever evolving thermal performance, finishing capabilities and the fact that it is 100 percent recyclable along with numerous additional green attributes continue to make it a solid choice in all applications. [Download the Council's white paper, Aluminum in High-Performing Building Enclosures]

Aluminum has been the material of choice in commercial construction for many years, for its freedom of design, finishes (anodized and liquid and powder coating, thermal barriers (polyurethane systems and polyamide), sustainability and recyclability, cost advantages and cooling costs, and strength to weight ratio. [Download the Council's white paper, Aluminum: The Total Solution for Sustainable, Strong and Efficient Commercial Building Design]

The Aluminum Material Council (AMC) of AAMA has worked diligently authoring standards so that the end user can be assured that they are utilizing the right aluminum product for their application. These standards continue to evolve as the market demands. Recently, hurricane and blast criterion have come to the forefront of the fenestration requirements. With the addition of AAMA standards, aluminum products have helped to pioneer the way forward to government and county code compliance. AMC exists to make sure that whatever next generation of requirements demand you can rest assured aluminum’s versatility will continue to make it a secure choice in those applications.

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