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The following articles written by AAMA staff were originally published in Window & Door Magazine.


Multi-panel Door Certification Strategy Nears Completion, May (by Janice Yglesias)
More and more, architects are seeking ways to bring the outdoors in, melding a building seamlessly with its outdoor environment. Multi-panel door systems offer an increasingly popular way to accomplish this. Not only do multi-panel door systems offer aesthetic and health benefits due to improved indoor air quality and daylighting, technological improvements also allow these systems to occupy a greater area in the building envelope without compromising overall Yglesiasdoors. NAFS-17 specifies five different configurations and descriptions of how to designate folding door units of from two to five panels. In addition to testing for air infiltration, water penetration and structural performance under wind loading, folding doors are tested for deflection, force to latch, force to engage, thermoplastic corner weld strength, deglazing, and operating cycle/slam withstand.

Help (Still) Wanted: Labor shortage problem continues to grow, March/April (by Janice Yglesias)
In the Industry Watch column from March/April 2018, we noted that availability of qualified labor is increasingly seen as a major problem for both the construction industry and for manufacturers. If anything, the situation has worsened.

Market Insights: Latest market study highlights bright outlook, January/February (by Janice Yglesias)
The American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s,, annual fenestration market study has been a fixture of its service to the industry over many years, but its scope and rigor have increased over time. Manufacturers and suppliers are interviewed with a participation rate in excess of 50 percent and data from multiple secondary sources is triangulated to support the overall analysis.