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FenestrationMasters Frequently Asked Questions

What course topics are covered in the FenestrationMasters program?

Courses cover a wide range of subject matters including performance standards, product and material types and code requirements. Three course topics are currently available: product types and design considerations, window and door performance standards and proper glass selection. More course topics will be available throughout 2010 and 2011, including:

  • Code Requirements
  • Coatings and Finishes
  • Installation Documents
  • Energy and Thermal Performance
  • Skylights and Daylighting
  • Blast Hazard Mitigation
  • Window and Door Hardware
  • Framing Material Considerations
  • Acoustical Performance
  • Sealants and Adhesives

What are the credentials available through the FenestrationMasters program?

There are two different credentials available through the program:

Certified FenestrationMaster: To qualify for advanced certification, a four-year degree in engineering, architecture or applied sciences and four years of full-time fenestration-related experience is required OR 6 years of full-time experience in the fenestration industry.

Certified FenestrationAssociateNo minimum education or experience is required to be eligible for this level.

Both credential levels require successful completion of applicable coursework, as well as achieving the required score on the certification exam. 

Where can I get more information about the FenestrationMasters program?

The most up-to-date information about the FenestrationMasters program can be found on the FenestrationMasters website

If you would like to join the FenestrationMasters informational email list, please contact Angela Dickson, AAMA Marketing Manager, and you'll receive periodic program notifications and updates related to new course availability.

What is the difference between the FenestrationMasters and the InstallationMasters programs?

AAMA created both the FenestrationMasters® and InstallationMasters® programs. Due to the association’s long-standing history of writing standards and influencing codes, coursework and certification programs are a natural progression, and these certification programs help to educate industry professionals in not only the issues affecting the industry but also in some of the very issues that AAMA has helped to influence.

The AAMA FenestrationMasters program is a nationwide program for professionals in the window, door, skylight, curtain wall, storefront and sloped glazing industries, which was launched during the GlassBuild America show in 2010. The FenestrationMasters program offers training content based on consensus-based AAMA standards.

To gain the FenestrationMasters professional certification, the curriculum and certification exam must be completed. More information about FenestrationMasters is available at

Please contact to join the informational mailing list, through which you'll receive updates related to new course availability.

The InstallationMasters program is a nationwide training and certification program for new construction and replacement installers of windows and exterior glass doors in residential and light commercial markets. More information about the InstallationMasters program, including dates and locations of upcoming classes, online training options and a list of accredited instructors by location, can be found at