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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas? No. Valentine’s Day! My favorite holiday. When I was little, my mama made my brother and me feel extra loved. She gave small gifts to her loved ones, including my dad and her six siblings, to let us know how special we were to her. I still have the “Love” cupid pin from Avon that she gave me in kindergarten. It wasn’t about romantic love, but about showering special people in her life with affection. In keeping with my mama’s moto, several AAMA staffers are expressing their appreciation for AAMA members on this special day. Many thanks to all our members for what you bring to AAMA and the industry!

“AAMA members are tireless in their efforts and dedication to the work of the association. They volunteer their time to establish solid performance standards for fenestration products and to develop communications so industry professionals know about them. With leaner teams and an ever-expanding list of priorities requiring attention, our members’ ability to invest time in contributing to AAMA’s objectives never ceases to amaze me and is certainly an inspiration to work harder and strive for more. And, their great comradery makes it clear that they manage to have some fun along the way, too.”

Janice Yglesias, Executive Vice President

“AAMA members have always supported me and helped me to grow my knowledge of the industry. Both as a competitor, when I was on the manufacturing side, and now as an AAMA staff member they have supported and encouraged me. Our members understand that when one of us gains knowledge and understanding, we all benefit.”

Steven Saffell, Technical Director

“I love our members because they send us valuable feedback about our website. Their feedback tells us what designs and features they like and what would make their lives easier since they volunteer so much of their time to AAMA. With their help, we can make the site even better for them.”

Lori Benshoof, Senior Coordinator, Web Services

“As the Membership Database Coordinator, I have the privilege of welcoming our new members and helping our existing members renew their memberships on an annual basis. It’s really inspiring for me to see the longevity of our memberships, too! It truly shows how much our members value being a part of our association. That is why we love our members, because they are such a great group of companies made up of wonderful individuals who use their talents and knowledge to contribute their ideas and concerns to develop industry standards, which benefit everyone. They are the true fabric of our being and what helps to make our association so well respected in the fenestration industry. I’m proud to be part of this AAMA family.”

Sheila Horowicz, Membership Database Coordinator

“I can’t imagine working with another group of people. It’s a pleasure to work with our members because they are very professional, respectful, understanding and fun!”

Florence Nicolici, Meetings Manager

“AAMA members are the best! They personify teamwork in action. Our members are smart, talented, friendly, enthusiastic and are genuinely interested in supporting our industry’s continued growth and success. They’re loyal, dependable and dedicated. They take on challenges and work hard to achieve our goals. AAMA members lead by example as they share their knowledge, time and expertise through their active involvement in AAMA year-round to make a difference on behalf of our industry. And, we have fun working together, no matter what the challenge.

I am grateful to have experienced the teamwork and professionalism of AAMA first, as a member, and today as a staff member. I’m honored to be working on behalf of a great organization that is like one big extended family that’s dedicated to achieving excellence in everything it does. That’s what attracted me to the industry and what I love about being part of the AAMA family.”

Kathy Krafka Harkema, Codes and Regulatory Affairs Manager

“I love our members because of how much of themselves they share with us. We get so many stories and photos that invite us into their lives, making what we do feel so personal.”

Tamara Baskin, Certification Services Coordinator

“Our members are great to work with because they are both generous with their knowledge of the industry and interesting people to talk to. This combination makes them great resources for me personally, when I’m trying to break down complicated technical concepts for my own communications purposes. I look forward to seeing them at in-person events and catching up – especially this month, at the Annual Conference. I want to send a big thank you to our members for all they do for AAMA and for the industry!”

Meryl Williams, Communications Coordinator

“I love working with our members because it’s captivating to see the effort they put into developing documents. Some documents have a smooth ride and others have a much rougher journey, but members endure it all to help make better documents for the industry. They don’t get enough credit for the changes they’ve inspired.”

Julia Carlucci, Technical Standards Coordinator

“As a member of the education department, I get to work with our members who are either pursuing a FenestrationMasters credential, engaging in other AAMA educational offerings, or coordinating group orders of AAMA educational offerings for their team. It’s inspiring to see these members so motivated to keep learning about their industry, and especially when they are helping their team to become more educated as well. It’s truly rewarding to be a part of!”

Michelle Gaynes, Education Coordinator

From my standpoint, the collaboration and friendship between potential competitors is why I love AAMA members! Working together for the greater good of the industry, members create technical documents, develop educational programs and promote these resources as a cohesive team. And, members have a whole lot of fun while working very hard. Some of my best memories are singing karaoke with members, laughing over shared parenting experiences and just enjoying the beautiful scenery at AAMA conferences. Now, that’s something to love!