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AAMA Verified components List

Any effective definition of product quality must encompass the performance of components as well as the way they interact to make a completed unit. Accordingly, the AAMA Certification Program, an FGIA program, includes a system of verification and documentation of components’ compliance with their individual applicable standards. The AAMA Verified Components List (VCL), an FGIA Program, showcases window and door component manufacturers who have submitted samples for testing and those samples were found to be in full compliance with the applicable specification.

To establish a total quality management system tying together the network of component suppliers and fenestration system fabricators, key component suppliers must assure window and door manufacturers that their products meet appropriate AAMA standards for painted finishes, weatherstrip, sealants, and hardware as referenced in AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440.

To do this, they must have product samples tested for compliance with the appropriate standard at an AAMA-accredited laboratory at least every 36 months and supply a documented test report indicating compliance. If a component supplier cannot demonstrate that its product complies with applicable AAMA standards via testing at an AAMA Accredited Laboratory, the component may not be used in products approved to bear the AAMA Gold Certification Label.