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Windows are engineered to meet both building code and design intentions, which can vary widely from windows in a skyscraper to windows in a home or 10-story condo development.

In general, residential windows are classified by the types and styles of windows that are typically used in places where people live—like homes and apartments. Residential windows are used in single-family homes, as well as buildings such as multi-family dwellings or mixed-use retail and residential buildings.

Residential windows include those installed in new home construction when houses are first built, as well as those that are installed in remodeling when a window opening in a structure is added or modified, or replacement applications when a window is replaced.

Residential windows can also include skylights, sometimes known as “roof windows.” Skylights are often installed in the roof of a building to add natural light and/or ventilation into a structure.

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To act as an information provider and promoter of residential windows and manufactured housing in the fenestration and related building products industry. It shall also act as a provider of technical, regulatory, legislative, marketing, and certification support to ensure that the appropriate standards are established, maintained, and communicated for the benefit of the users and suppliers of residential window and manufactured housing products.

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