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Current Certified Professionals

Following the launch of FenestrationMasters 2.0, the online recertification coursework is available in the original format and platform, but all recertification coursework will be available in the new format in 2022.

The FenestrationAssociate® and FenestrationMaster® professional certification credentials are valid for four years, and the certification can be renewed for an additional four-year period by completing the following requirements. A comprehensive explanation of the necessary steps for recertification can be found in the Recertification Guide.

  • Purchase recertification bundle
  • Complete coursework and related post-assessments (quizzes)
  • For FenestrationMaster certified professionals, complete industry engagement credits
  • Submit recertification application

Recertification Bundles

Candidates may purchase the relevant recertification bundle, which includes required coursework and application processing. Certified professionals can only purchase the recertification bundle for their current credential: FenestrationAssociate certified professionals must order the FenestrationAssociate recertification bundle, and FenestrationMaster certified professionals must order the FenestrationMaster recertification bundle.

Recertification Coursework

The full course runtime is 3 hours for FenestrationMaster and 2 hours for FenestrationAssociate. Coursework must be completed in the prescribed order within one year from purchase and prior to the expiration of the current certification.

Industry Engagement Credits – FenestrationMaster Certified Professionals Only

FenestrationMaster certified professionals must additionally complete 25 credits of industry engagement requirements during the recertification cycle. The industry engagement requirement is intended to reflect industry activities in which the certified professional participated. Certified professionals may track elective requirement fulfillments in the Industry Engagement Credit Tracking Matrix.

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