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AAMA Certified Profile Licensees

To be deemed as conforming to AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440 and therefore certifiable under the AAMA Certification Program, windows made of polymeric (vinyl, fiberglass, ABS, composite) sash and frame materials must be made from profiles that comply with applicable AAMA specifications for those materials.

Profiles must be certified for compliance through the AAMA Profile Certification Program in which randomly-selected production line samples of extrusions are tested by an accredited third-party laboratory for conformance with the appropriate AAMA profile specification. The requirements include impact resistance, dimensional stability, heat resistance, weight tolerance, and color retention as determined from years of actual outdoor weathering tests.

The profile producer must also prepare a Quality Control Manual setting forth the procedures used to promote ongoing conformance of the product with the AAMA specifications. At least two unannounced in-plant inspections are conducted annually by third-party inspectors to determine continued compliance with the program.

The AAMA Profile Certification directory lists the producers (and their code designations) who are licensees of the Profile Certification Program. Certification procedures are fully described in AAMA 109, Procedural Guide for the AAMA Fenestration Exterior Profile Certification Program.

If a producer is not included in this listing, that producer’s extrusions may not be used in a window or sliding glass door which is labeled in the AAMA Gold Label Certification Program. Not all producers certify every one of their profiles. To verify the current certification status of any licensee’s specific extrusion(s), contact FGIA below or the Validator, Associated Laboratories Inc., at (214) 565-0593.