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Become a Technical Consultant Member 

If you provide technical consulting services to construction industry professionals, building or home owners and/or manufacturing businesses related to the fenestration or construction industry, this is the way to have access to new services, new technology and industry contacts.

View the FGIA Membership Eligibility Requirements.

Keep current with the latest developments in fenestration and glazing technology and interact directly with manufacturers and their suppliers.

Benefits of FGIA Technical Consultant Membership include:

  • Publications and newsletters
    • Member discounted rate on the purchase of performance standards
    • FGIA e-News monthly newsletter subscription
  • Educational opportunities
  • Attend FGIA meetings at member registration rate
  • Access to the FGIA members-only website content 
  • Receive an FGIA Membership certificate
  • Option to access the Fenestration and Glazing Virtual Library (FGVL) for an annual fee
  • Input into the development and maintenance of more than 100 industry performance standards and specifications
  • Listing in the online FGIA Member Directory
  • Preferential technical support from FGIA staff