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The Florida Building Commission currently has a Validation requirement for Florida Product Approval Applications submitted using the Certification Method, to be completed for product Applications after they have been uploaded through the BCIS website. AAMA is an approved Validator and offers the AAMA Florida Validation Program as a benefit to our Licensees. This checklist is a quick reference guide to utilizing the AAMA Florida Validation Program.

❑ Confirm that the method being used for validation is the Certification Method - this is the only method AAMA can validate.

❑ Be certain that AAMA Authorization for Product Certification (APC) documents and test reports are current; not expired or going to expire before the next Florida Program Oversight Committee (POC) meeting.

❑ Submit everything needed as required by the Florida Building Code (application, photos, test reports, etc.) online at the BCS website.

❑ Select AAMA as the "Product Approval Certification Agency" and the "Validation Entity" when filling out your online forms.

❑ Advise AAMA’s Certification Manager immediately after submitting your application if you have selected AAMA as your Validator, and include the Florida application number.

❑ Application and all attachments will be reviewed for content; if errors or corrections are found notification will be sent.

❑ When any/all issues are resolved, the application will be validated, and the authorized individual will receive notification of validation.

Advantages to Using AAMA as a Validator

For the majority of our Licensees, having products validated for purchase and use in Florida is an essential part of their market. As such, AAMA has worked to become approved as a Validator for the Florida Product Approval Program. So, why should you use AAMA's Validation Services?

  • Test reports do not need to be reviewed by a Registered Professional Engineer (PE).
  • In lieu of the use of rational analysis (and the required Evaluation by a FL registered PE), alternate (not "as-tested") methods of installation may be verified by test.

Installation instructions identical to the "as-tested" installation do not need to be reviewed by a third-party PE, as long as they are identical to, or more stringent than, the installation described in the test report for the product.