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FGIA has created several programs to directly support the product performance and certification of fenestration and insulating glass products.

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Window, Door and Skylight Certification

Since 1962, AAMA Product Certification, the original third-party window, door and skylight performance program, has provided manufacturers with the means to independently demonstrate product performance to their customers. The program went on to raise the bar even higher by earning accreditation by ANSI (now known as ANAB) in 1972 – a credential still maintained today. The AAMA Certification Label tells customers that a sample of the product has been verified as conforming to the standards’ requirements through independent laboratory testing and follow-up on-site inspection of the manufacturer’s production line. Products authorized for certification and their manufacturers are also listed in the online AAMA Certified Products Directory (CPD), the industry’s preeminent resource for window and door products.

FGIA also acts as an Inspection Agency for the National Fenestration Rating Council’s thermal certification program. In this program, fenestration manufacturers may certify their products for thermal performance.

Learn more about the AAMA Gold Label Certification Program.

Certified Profiles

To comply with the material requirements of the AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440, all vinyl and fiberglass profiles used as structural members in an AAMA certified product must be certified under the AAMA Certified Profiles Program.

Verified Components

To establish a total quality management system tying together the network of component suppliers and fenestration system fabricators, key component suppliers must assure window and door manufacturers that their products meet appropriate AAMA standards for painted finishes, weatherstrip, sealants and hardware as referenced in AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440. Once verified, components are listed on the AAMA Verified Components List.

Insulating Glass (IG) Certification

All insulating glass units (IGU)s used in an AAMA or NFRC certified product must be certified by an accredited insulating glass unit certification program.  Learn more about the IG Certification Program and view a list of approved programs offered by FGIA.

Laboratory Accreditation

The laboratory accreditation program was created to directly support the AAMA air-water-structural certification program by identifying highly-qualified laboratories performing testing per AAMA specifications. Building upon its success as the only laboratory accreditation program specializing in lab testing of fenestration products and their components, the program was expanded to include the testing of curtain walls, storefronts and fenestration components, as well as field testing. Learn more about the AAMA Laboratory Accreditation Program.