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FGIA makes it a priority to write standards and influence codes. Given this solid foundation of expertise, it was a natural progression to offer coursework and a certification program educating industry professionals in not only the issues affecting the industry, but also in some of the very issues that FGIA has helped to influence.

Benefits of Training

  • Broaden your knowledge  Learn about a wide range of industry topics and standards.
  • Stay current – Become versed in industry standards and best practices.
  • Make it official  Certification validates your industry expertise and sets you apart.
  • Train staff – Better represent your company.
  • Earn from anywhere  Online coursework and proctored exams provide a fully digital experience.

FenestrationMasters 2.0 includes updated content reflecting current technical documents and standards as well as code requirements in a re-designed, more interactive platform.

For questions regarding FenestrationMasters® benefits, contact us below.

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Courses and exams may be purchased separately; however, most certification candidates find that purchasing these as a bundle is most cost effective, as there is a $50 savings. Members receive significant discounts on all courses, exams and study materials. 

Plus, companies receive group discounts: Buy 5, Get 1 Free or Buy 10, Get 2 Free. The more you purchase, the bigger the savings. You do not have to be a member to participate. 

FenestrationMasters® Program Pricing
  FenestrationMaster FenestrationAssociate
  Member Non-
Member Non-
Courses and Exam
Subscription Only $500 $1000 $450 $900
Exam Only $200 $400 $150 $300
Additional Practice Exam Access1
$50 $50 $50 $50
Subscription and Exam Bundle
($50 savings)
$650 $1,350 $550 $1,150
Re-examination and Exam Cancellation Fees
3-month Subscription plus Exam Extension $150 $300 $125 $250
$150 $300 $100 $200
Study Materials
FenestrationMasters Virtual Library Documents View Only4
FenestrationMasters Virtual Library Print-friendly Access
Recertification Subscription $200 $325 $150 $225

Each purchase is for one additional launch of the practice exam.
Up to two additional attempts are permitted no less than 30 days from the most recent attempt and no more than 90 days from the initial attempt.
The Study Notebook is provided FREE with the purchase of a course subscription.
Read-only access to the FenestrationMasters Virtual Library is available, upon request, to candidates who have purchased a course subscription and exam bundle. Candidates must also sign a license agreement prior to activation of read-only access to the library.