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  • Liquid Paints
  • Powder Paints
  • Anodizing
  • Mechanical & Chemical

Resin - serves as binder that forms paint film
Pigment - provides color
Solvents - maintain liquid state and influence application
Additives - effect flow, cure and surface appearance


Resin & crosslinker serve as binder that forms paint film
Pigments provide color
Additives affect fluidization & application properties


Polyester, Modified polyester, Fluoropolymer

An electrochemical process that enhances the aluminum’s natural oxide surface layer by forming an even more durable oxide film that can have a variety of colors.

AAMA Specifications

AAMA 611Voluntary Specification for Anodized Architectural Aluminum
AAMA 612Voluntary Specification, Performance Requirements, and Test Procedures for Combined Coatings of Anodic Oxide and Transparent Organic Coatings on Architectural Aluminum

Mechanical and Chemical Surface Treatments

  • Buffed & burnished to a mirror like finish
  • Abrasive blasted to a rough texture appearance
  • Caustic Etch - uses a caustic solution to give a silver-white appearance
  • Floride Etch - uses a fluoride solution to give a matte appearance

Bright Dip - polished first then chemical treated to yield a bright mirror like finish usually anodize afterwards to add a protective layer and/or add color