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Industry association membership and involvement has its advantages, many of which we discuss over at the Member Edge blog. Still, there is additional value added when multiple associations work together to achieve a common goal for their memberships. A recent example of this is when FGIA and WDMA, the Window and Door Manufacturers Association, teamed up to help members with the process of reporting unit shipment data to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in compliance with the ENERGY STAR program.

EPA changed their ENERGY STAR Residential Window, Door and Skylight unit shipment data collection process for ENERGY STAR products shipped in 2023 to align with the process used for other ENERGY STAR product segments. ENERGY STAR Residential Window, Door and Skylight partners must submit 2023 shipment data by March 1, 2024, or face penalties including being removed from the program. As a result, FGIA and WDMA are working together to help their member companies who are U.S. ENERGY STAR partners confidentially submit the required data.

As part of this data collection process, EPA and FGIA/WDMA are also asking for total annual shipments. While it’s optional to include this information, it is beneficial to the entire industry in that it helps provide better market share perspective for the ENERGY STAR program. As a service to our members, FGIA and WDMA have partnered to collect and anonymously aggregate shipment data from our member companies and provide it to EPA to satisfy reporting requirements. All members are encouraged to take advantage of this vital association resource.

This online reporting portal, and the webinar held to explain how to use it, are just some examples of the ways trade associations can work together to support and facilitate product compliance for their members. Consider how your company can think outside of the box when it comes to partnerships and creative ways to reach common goals.