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As you may already know, FGIA recently rolled out new training materials and classes for the InstallationMasters® Combined Training and Certification Program, which addresses proper installation of windows and doors for both new construction and replacement/remodeling. Made available as of June 1, this program replaced the “Original” program training materials, which was sunset as of July 1. Not only that, but an in-person class for individuals interested in becoming newly accredited to teach the InstallationMasters Combined Program installer training is now scheduled for August 30 through September 3. This in-person instruction is your first opportunity to take advantage of these new materials and earn the instructor credential.

During development of the new training content, FGIA spent a lot of time seeking input from InstallationMasters instructors, who have many years of training experience and vast knowledge of installation methods. The updated ‘Combined’ segment encompasses content that accredited instructors felt was most valuable to professionals in the field. Installers attend a two-day class and successfully complete the exam to become certified. For instructors, a five-day class and successful exam completion are required.

The training materials include updated imagery and new information covering the following topics:

  • Windows with a mounting flange in open stud frame constructions for low wind/water exposure (AAMA 2400, an FGIA document)
  • Windows with an exterior flush fin over an existing window (AAMA 2410, an FGIA document)
  • Exterior windows, doors and skylights (ASTM E2112)
  • Windows with flanges or mounting fins in wood frame construction for extreme wind/water conditions (FMA/AAMA 100)
  • Mounting flange windows into walls utilizing foam plastic insulating sheathing (FPIS) with a separate water-resistive barrier (WRB) (FMA/AAMA/WDMA 500)
  • Full frame replacement of windows without removal of external brick veneer (FMA/AAMA/WDMA 2710)

Plus, the table of contents from the InstallationMasters Combined Program Manual provides an overview of the training, including new content.

You can now register for the instructor training class to be held later this summer at FGIA headquarters in Schaumburg, IL. To do so, download the Instructor Training Registration form and email the completed form to Class size is limited, and registrations will be accepted through August 20. FYI, attendees must comply with FGIA's established COVID safety guidelines for onsite participants. See you there!