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During next week’s FGIA Virtual Annual Conference, we will gather (remotely) to engage with speakers and learn from presentations on several important industry topics. Of equal import, we will also take the time to recognize our leadership during the Virtual Annual Awards Ceremony. This ceremony is a time to reflect on the members who make our Association as efficient as it is, and to honor their hard work. Those who take on leadership roles often do so in addition to their regular work assignments with their employers, and we thank them for their service to FGIA and the industry at large.

Five awards will be presented: a Distinguished Service Award for each of the Architectural, Glass and Residential Products Councils and for Marketing; plus the Outstanding Member Award. These winners are nominated and elected by their peers and each year the ballots feature an exceptional array of worthy candidates. We also present a number of tenure awards, thanking member companies for their milestone years of continuous FGIA membership. We recognize the newly-elected Board of Directors and thank our council leaders and Chairs.

FGIA standards are developed in response to the needs of our member companies to solve critical issues in the industry. It takes the interest, energy and experience of our members to help support the development of these standards. It is effective collaboration and communication that make us strong, and our Association leaders are to thank for that. Thank you also to all of our participating members, because it takes everyone working together to achieve our level of success.

If you are interested in taking on a leadership role with FGIA, whether it is leading a committee or task group or becoming a council leader, fill out and return this form. We would love to have you.

For those interested in gaining some leadership skills prior to taking on a position, the FGIA Leadership Development Program focuses on the soft skills a leader needs to achieve his or her full potential. To learn more, visit Or, visit FGIA’s online store to register today.

See you at the conference!