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The FGIA Virtual Fall Conference featured several experts sharing important information. Key points from these sessions are highlighted below.

“The bottom line is we are going through a weird peak and valley, which will drift its way back to a more normal run. It's just a matter of how we get back to that point.”

-Economist Dr. Chris Kuehl, on foreseeing a return to “normal” in probably the second or third quarter of 2021

“I want builders to demand a higher quality product that will perform better. I think people will be willing to pay for higher performance.”

-Residential Builder Matt Risinger, stating his case for triple-glazed profiles and high-performing products in general

“To understand trends…understand goals and drivers behind them. Typically, these are energy, durability and comfort.”

-Architect and Engineer Will Babbington, sharing patterns he is seeing in the commercial building market

“Leaders must have a process to develop skills for each team member. Even if you didn't pick a team member, you still have an obligation to develop their skills inventory.”

-Leadership Coach Oak Moser, on how leaders must be committed to developing their people

“During this time of uncertainty, people need to be reassured. People want to earn a paycheck and come into work with a sense of normalcy. They need to be safe.”

-Corporate Safety Director for Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope Michael Cook, on the “why” behind plant safety during the pandemic

Save the date for the 2021 FGIA Annual Conference, taking place virtually February 23-25. Registration will open in January.