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A senior management professional spoke about the need to develop interpersonal skills at the 2019 Joint American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) Summer Conferences, June 17-20 in Victoria, BC. Oak Moser, who has 33 years of experience leading and coaching teams, stressed the value of listening, assessing and empathizing as key skills for effective leaders.

Moser offered tips to improve attendees’ understanding and ability to build stronger connections, influencing people of all personality styles across organizations and teams.

“A team that is not emotionally connected is never physically prepared,” said Moser.

Influence, according to Moser, has three parts: understanding who one is, how one relates to others and how to make a better “us” between the two. To develop connections, Moser recommends being present and serving others.

“By giving to others, you will receive so much back,” said Moser. “If you help enough people in life, you'll get what you want, too.”

Moser reviewed four different personality types: Driver, Influence, Supportive and Calculating (DISC).

“Each style brings a lot to the table, but also needs something within interpersonal relationships,” he said. “This should be recognized by leaders.”

Moser acknowledged that there can be challenges to connecting because day-to-day tasks can distract us from building relationships.

“You have to make it part of your plan to make those connections,” he said. “Teamwork is not born out of common purpose, cause or belief. It's relationship-based, and you have to be committed.”

Leadership is about character and competence, and character is most important, said Moser.

Moser also offered advice for attaining a happier life. While he said are lots of ways to be temporarily happy, like fishing or winning the lottery, these are, in fact, temporary.

“If you want to be happy for life, serve others,” he said.

Moser encouraged participants to sign up for the IGMA Leadership Development Program to learn more.

Previously, Moser has facilitated the IG Fabricator Workshop for IGMA and was the facilitator of IGMA’s Leadership Development Program, a 12-month webinar series.

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