Jan 01, 2021 — Dec 31, 2021   

Webinar: What's at Risk in Canada; What's Vinyl Industry Doing to Respond?

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Event Details

This webinar has been postponed with a new  date TBD. Based on the latest status and the December 9, 2020 deadline for filing public comments in Canada, rescheduling this webinar for a future date will allow VIC representatives the time needed to focus on their core deliverables in trying to stop the Government of Canada from classifying manufactured plastics as toxic.

If you have any questions on this topic, please email education@fgiaonline.org.

Open to all interested parties

Join FGIA for the latest from the Vinyl Institute of Canada (VIC) on the proposed Canadian ban on single-use plastics. You’ll hear how “plastic manufactured products” are targeted for classification as a toxic substance in Canada under Schedule 1 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), and what the VIC is doing to encourage Environment and Climate Change Canada to reconsider its actions by providing a grassroots campaign to provide the facts about vinyl and it’s positive impact on the Canadian economy and environment.

You’ll also hear about FGIA’s efforts to appeal to the office of the U.S. Trade Representative to consider the facts and keep trade channels open for vinyl products as provided in the new United States-Canada-Mexico trade agreement (USMCA) enacted in 2020.

Presenter: Aiñe Curran, President and CEO, Vinyl Institute of Canada

Aiñe Curran began her career as a broadcast journalist with Rogers Communications; Canada’s largest communications firm, where she produced and moderated television programs including “The Business File”, and “Politically Speaking”, both public advocacy programs fostering dialogues between public, business, and political platforms. These roles led to her transition and expertise in the Advocacy and Public Relations disciplines, earning her a reputation as a Canadian leader in both.

Ms. Curran has also represented global organizations such as The Salvation Army where she developed municipal partnerships in recycling across Canada on behalf of the organization, and which she converted into the first national retail recycling program for the charity with GAP Canada and its subsidiaries. Her experience in understanding grassroots activism to global positioning tactics, along
with managing high profile communications crisis management issues such as Arthur Andersen Canada (posthumously Deloitte Canada) through the global Enron crisis, are a few examples of her on-going thrust to move challenging communications issues to opportunities for advocacy in the vinyl industry.

Aiñe was living in Donegal, Ireland until 2014 when she accepted the position of Director General - Issues Management for the Canadian Plastics Industry in Canada (CPIA). In January 2016, she went on to accept the role of President and CEO for the Vinyl Institute of Canada.

During this webinar, Aiñe will be joined by Stan Rodriquez, VP Regulatory Affairs, Vinyl Institute of Canada.