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A couple years ago, I wrote about how advertising on podcasts can help companies reach a new audience. I wanted to revisit this topic, with a focus on reaching a market of relatively newer homeowners: Millennials.

According to Edison Research, in 2016, 38 percent of millennials aged 18-34 listen to podcasts. Considering my fellow Millennials are a generation of cord cutters, traditional advertising on TV, local markets or national, isn’t the best way to reach out anymore. We’re paying for the ad-free version of Hulu and binging shows on Netflix, but we’re also listening to podcasts while we drive, wash the dishes or go for a run.

Why Podcasts?

You might wonder, why do Millennials listen to the ads on podcasts instead of hitting that “skip 30 seconds” button on iTunes? Per Forbes: “Podcasting is truly an opt-in medium that creates listener trust, fosters intimacy because it’s consumed audibly and is measurable and scalable. Additionally, most ads come in the form of a host-endorsed message, which is an incredibly effective method of converting a call-to-action to a sale.”

In 2019, Millennials have been activating as first-time home buyers at new rates. Per data from, Millennials are giving previous generations an actual run for their money in the total dollar amount of mortgages. In fact, Millennials today represent the largest dollar volume by age group.

Which Podcasts?

So how can podcast advertising help companies reach out to these new homeowners? Find podcasts that are related to home ownership, such as Young House Love. Or, simply advertise with the ones Millennials listen to most. Depending on your budget, you might consider an ad campaign with NPR’s Up First, a 15-minute daily news podcast from an internationally known brand, or Forever 35, a niche podcast for millennial women with thousands of listeners every week.

If you yourself are new to listening to podcasts, you might be interested in checking out Lesko Talks Windows, an industry-centric podcast by Jim Lesko, a regular contributor to Door & Window Market Magazine. Lesko did an interview with AAMA Executive Director Janice Yglesias last summer, making for a great place to dive in.

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