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Does your company have an Instagram account? Even if you’re not a consumer-facing company, it’s still not a bad idea to use the tool to show off what you do. Instagram can be great for portraying company culture or highlighting achievements. And if you are consumer-facing, you can definitely take advantage of Instagram by posting amazing products being used in various applications.

If you’re curious about the app, AAMA is hosting a webinar August 14, open to the public, led by me. A Marketing Guide to Instagram | Visually Showcasing Your Brand will give an overview of Instagram and the app’s features, as well as ways to highlight your business with the tool. Those who participate will also learn more about how to:

  • Determine your company’s focus for Instagram
  • Differentiate your personal account from your business account
  • Execute your plan with input from your team
  • Make the most of videos and Instagram Stories
  • Learn from other brands on Instagram

I have a ton of industry-related examples to show off, and they’re all from companies with a strong Instagram game. You’ll walk away with ideas for how to make your brand look great online after this session, which is under an hour, plus time for questions at the end.

Register for the webinar now and get your Instagram questions ready!