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Live video at events is becoming more and more prevalent, but even if you don’t have the manpower to use Facebook Live throughout an event, you still have options when it comes to video marketing. AAMA will be working on some of these as we head into next month’s Summer Conference, June 18-21 in Newport, RI. (Say hi if you see me with AAMA’s camera!) Here are some ways you can use video for your company, whether it’s to promote a corporate event or to let others know you’ll be at a trade show.

Before your event

Have an event coming up soon? Video marketing tips from Unbounce suggest making a short, interesting video reminding people to save the date. A lot of summer concert festivals do a great job of this, getting potential ticket buyers excited about an event before a line-up of bands is even announced. (Plus, later videos can be made in order to excitedly announce that line-up to an audience that is already eagerly awaiting it.)

If your company will be appearing at a trade show like GlassBuild, plan for a promo video now to make sure event participants know you’ll be there. If available, use footage from last year, or just use photos, graphics and text to make a 30-second spot, with the event’s date (and your company’s booth number) noted at the end.

During an event

Get B-roll of all the people who took the time to attend your event. This will come in handy later when you sit down to edit future video marketing pieces.

Include testimonials from a range of people who are involved with different aspects of your operation: customers, installers, architects, homeowners, distributors and more. Let them talk about how great you are to work with. Offer to help them by endorsing them right back, whether it’s in their own video or in an online review.

After an event

Use the footage you already have to prepare your next “before event” videos! Make a short video thanking your event’s sponsors and share it on social media.

As always, keep videos short! Have a point and make it quickly. Good luck planning your video work, and see you in Newport next month!