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Two big industry events are happening soon, and both are great opportunities to use Twitter to your advantage when it comes to networking and getting the latest information live. Even if you can’t attend GlassBuild America next week or next month’s AAMA Fall Conference, you can still get the scoop in real time by following each event’s hashtag. Here are some tips to get the most out of an in-person event’s Twitter presence, even if you’re not there.

  • Tip 1: Find out the official hashtag. In GlassBuild’s case, the most used one is simply #GlassBuild. You might also consider checking #GlassBuild2018, #GlassBuild18 and any other variations you see in your feed. AAMA’s is always #AAMAconf, for all three of our annual conferences. We also use #AAMAWR and #AAMAsoutheast, for our AAMA Western Region Summer Summits and Southeast Region Winter Meetings, respectively.
  • Tip 2: Like and retweet! Engage with the tweets you see using the event hashtag to let people know you’re paying attention and interested in what’s happening. Even if you’re not on the GlassBuild tradeshow floor yourself, show appreciation for what others are sharing from it. It’ll also encourage them to keep posting updates. AAMA live tweets during speaker presentations at our events. While you can’t beat the ability to answer in-person questions, there’s still a way to keep up with the information from these experts.
  • Tip 3: Post updates yourself, if you’re there. Add value to the conversation and reply to others tweeting from the event and gain more followers who are interested in your industry updates and insight. If possible, tag the Twitter handles of people and companies you meet and speak with. Twitter can be a great networking tool for you and your company!
  • Tip 4: Share the best of the best. Don’t overload your followers’ feeds with too many updates. You can also thread tweets to keep related ones together. Still, if you’re attending a speaking event, maybe consider tweeting out two or three great points of quotes. If you take 20 photos from the floor, pick the best three or four to share.
  • Tip 5: Be nice! This should go without saying but keep your tweets positive. If you disagree with someone’s point given on a panel, keep it to yourself or pull them aside after for a side conversation.

These should get you going at GlassBuild next week. I’ll be watching the hashtag and sharing updates from our members, as well as tweets from AAMA Executive Vice President Janice Yglesias (@Janice_Yglesias) and Marketing and Communications Director Angela Dickson (@AngelaDDickson)!